Dylon Lousberg

Slackline Performer/Rigger

"I have always been obsessed with people that are the best at what they do. I believe they are the ones who most prominently share their passion with the world. When I discovered my interest in slacklining, I knew I wanted to pursue being the best and present that to people. Sharing slacklining through performing and competing is my life, that is my main goal."

Dylon found slackling at age 15 and after just a year of training he started competing, winning his first national competition two years later. In the time since then he has contended in a total of 10 national events, 4 international events, and 3 world cups.

In those competitions he has taken gold in 6 of the national events dominating the US, and 5th in his first world cup at GoPro Mountain Games.


Dylon's most recent accomplishment is placing 3rd in the world at the toughest competition in slacklining, the Japan World Cup FullCombo 2019.

Outside of competing Dylon's performing career has been just as successful and prominent. He has performed all over the world including the US, China, India, and Japan contributing to the creation of 7 shows, and choreographing 5 of his solos.

Dylon loves pursuing excellence and honing his craft for competition. When he discovered how much people loved watching him slackline he developed his appreciation for performing. He now spends his time doing both.

Olga Henry

Slackline Performer/Rigger

” I feel focused on the present. Slacklining is the best meditation in terms of it takes you away from every other thought. “

Olga is a twice Guinness World Record title holder in slacklining. She pioneered walking on pointe in ballet shoes on a slackline and bouncing in high heels. She set records in both of those creative directions.

Her slackline path was featured by People Are Awesome in the Extraordinary People series and her videos received millions of views.

Olga performed and modeled for companies like Diesel, Adobe, Audi etc. showing off her unique talents. 

She really enjoys the life of a professional slackliner in Los Angeles training and mastering skills at Santa Monica beach and traveling around the world with her performing partner Dylon Lousberg.





 Step #1  


a Slackline

A slackline that we are bouncing on is called a trickline and it requires a lot of tension and good anchors. Normally if there is no structural poles or trees available at the performing location 3 tons of weight is needed at each side of the line. Also in order for a trickline to work it has to be a certain length, typically 60-100ft. Since anchor points take space too think about it as minimum around 100ft of room lengthwise.

 Step #2  

Slackline Show


We perform slackline tricks and flips by bouncing on the line, hence our name :) Normally a slackline show is a special act that catches people's attention because of its uniqueness. We do themed shows, short or long performances, and ambiance entertainment. 

Show creation can happen where we live in Los Angeles, or at the venue. Details of the performance such as theme, story line, music and costumes can vary based on your parameters. If you have something in mind - tell us, if not we can create it ourselves.

 Step #3  



We are ready to travel to the farthest and closest locations. We are based in Los Angeles. Typically flights and accommodation is paid by the client.

Our favorite time - show time! 

We perform for corporative events, weddings, acrobatic shows, presentations, private events, festivals name it all.

We love what we do and make sure our audience does the same. 










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